Cornbread stuffing – but done outside the turkey.
Following Marion cunningham, but will replace all the bread with
cornbread made ahead, and all the butter with olive oil.
This will go in baking casserole dishes with extra olive oil and
possibly water or stock.

Grocery list:

  • stuffing
    onions (make sure)
    1lb sausage
  • apples
  • 12-24oz cranberries (or frozen cherries)
  • garlic

  • stuffing
  • turkey
  • cranberry
  • apple pie
  • kabocha squash pie
  • pulled pork
  • vanilla ice creams

shopping list:

  • turkey
    • 1.5 cups carrots
    • 2 cups onions
    • .5 cup cider
    • tabasco sauce
    • cheap white wine (TJ)
    • potato starch
  • stuffing
    • 2 baguettes
    • 1c slivered almonds (takes a long time to peel 1c of almonds – better to buy the slivered)
    • butter
    • oil
    • 2 cups onions
    • 1 cup celery
    • 1 leek
    • herbes de provence
    • 3.5 cups chicken stock
    • parsley
    • mushroom
  • cherry-ginger chutney
    • .25 cup lightbrown sugar
    • .5c sugar
    • .5c cider vinegar
    • .5tsp mustard seeds
    • 1.5tsp red-pepper flakes
    • 1c sliced red onion
    • 1 large clove garlic
    • 1c dark raisins
    • .5c julienned ginger
    • 1.5lb bing cherries (typically frozen)
  • ice cream
    • 2 pints heavy cream
    • sugar (costco)
    • vanilla beans
  • pie
    • shortening
    • sugar
    • flour


New tips:

  • when setting up the coal pan in the brinkmann, ensure the top of the pan is level with the notch on the leg where it is supposed to be.  this year it was too high and the fire was slow in the morning.  after adjusting by using only 2 pavers and not 3, the coal got very hot (290+).  shoot for 225-250.
  • buy hardwood wood blocks and soak them night before, the smoke is very nice, forgot that this time.
  • it takes about 1h in the morning if you prepare the night before
  • smoke extra pork, you can freeze it and make fried rice with it
  • it can take upto 1h after adding coal for the smoker temp to return to what it was before
  • you can prepare even stuffing beforehand, then just bake on tday
  • doublecheck all herbs, will need herbes d’provence next time.  forgot the parsley for the stuffing this year but it was still good
  • when making the chutney, it tastes a little spicy but that will be ok when eating with food
  • pheasant is excellent when substituted for cornish game hen in the brinkmann recipe booklet
  • pay attention to the meat thermometer, especially if it seems high.  insert it very deep into a representative piece of meat, monitor carefully, and act when it reaches doneness.  the pork was overcooked but the pheasant was great.
  • first turn on the receiver then the transmitter
  • once you have the airflow in the coal pan by lining it up correctly, then it will burn and sometimes too hot.  be careful, reached 290+ and overcooked the pork, want 225-250.
  • when lighting the coal in the chimney, keep the water pan out of the smoker or atleast out from underneath the chimney.  the paper and ash under the chimney fell in the water pan when then had to be replaced.  wait until you see some grey from the top of the chimney.
  • can start shopping and preparing even earlier, chutney can be made 2 days early.  check the radio thermometer is working, it is very important.
  • consider that the pheasant wasn’t done but was above the pork, which had to be removed.  it may have some undercooked pheasant juices dripped on to it so we recook it a bit to make sure.  not sure how to actually fix this problem.
  • sort of obsoletes the timeline.

indian poabs



ambient 70

1st st: 8:35

1st end: 5:25

2nd st: 4:44/3:42

push: 3:23

pushed towards the beginning of 2nd crack


Ambient 67.5

1st st 7

2nd st 4

Push ~3:30

Stopped near near beginning of 2nd crack, 30%




ambient 54.5

1st st 8:18

1st end

2nd start 4:55

push 4:32

2nd crack in progress

nice, full bodied coffee. could be interesting a little lighter, just before 2nd



ambient 84

1st st 5:22

went until 0 (18m 1# roast default)

heard some 2nd crack but not the whole thing



el salvador matalap

ambient: 59.5

1st st: 7:46

1st end: 5:20

2nd start: 4:30

push: 4:08

full 2nd crack

the cleaning is actually quite easy, somehow i thought it was going to be quite hard but it’s just a matter of unscrewing.  there was very little dust in there anyway, nothing like their photo so i dont think it’s going to lower my roast times.